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When and how to choose shoes for a toddler: A complete guide

An introduction to choosing shoes for toddlers.

Choosing a toddler's first shoes is an important step in his development. From the proper fit, to the material, to when the toddler should start wearing them - every aspect matters.

Discover Warmth and Style with Leafstory Hats, Snoods, Scarves and Headbands.

In the world of fashion, where functionality meets style, accessories such as hats, chimneys, scarves and headbands hold a special place, especially in colder weather. Leafstory, known for its commitment to sustainable manufacturing and unique design, presents a collection of accessories that not only provide warmth and comfort, but also add flair to any outfit.

Anatomical Children's Footwear: The Key to Healthy Foot Development

A child's development is a fascinating journey that requires not only love and care, but also conscious decisions regarding the child's physical well-being. One aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of proper footwear in the first years of life. Anatomical children's footwear is not just a matter of aesthetics or comfort; it is the foundation for healthy foot development that will carry our children throughout their lives.

Geox: Avengers - Superheroes on your Feet!

Discover Geox Avengers Grayjay shoes, perfect for little Marvel fans. Explore the comfort, style, and Geox technology that ensure your child's feet health and comfort, adorned with the image of Black Panther.

Cienta: Spanish Children's Footwear Brand that Combines Comfort, Style and Natural Materials

Discover Cienta, a Spanish children's footwear brand that merges comfort and style with natural materials. Experience the quality of La Rioja-made shoes, crafted from top-grade cotton, wool, linen, and rubber for year-round comfort.

Sales and promotions, or when is the best time to buy shoes for a child?

Take advantage of sales and discounts on children's shoes - find out when is the best time to buy footwear for your child and save on your purchases.

Gore-Tex children's shoes - waterproof footwear not only for winter

Discover the benefits of Gore-Tex kids' shoes - perfect for all weather conditions. Learn why Gore-Tex is the top choice for active children, offering comfort, waterproof and breathable properties.

Right or left shoe - how to teach a child to distinguish which shoe to put on his foot?

Teach your child to differentiate between right and left shoes to foster independence. Discover effective methods and tips from Tupu Tupu on how to easily and playfully teach your little one to put shoes on the correct feet.

How to teach a child to put on shoes by himself?

Empower your child by teaching them how to independently put on their shoes. Discover effective methods and tips that make learning to dress easier for your little one. With Tupu Tupu, find the perfect children's shoes that encourage independence.

How to clean the insoles in shoes?

Learn how to effectively clean shoe insoles. Expert advice from Tupu Tupu ensures fresh and hygienic footwear. Discover the best methods for clean insoles to maintain your child's foot health.